Instrument Straps for Musicians, by a Musician

Hi! My name's Dave pike, and I'm a folk musician from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. I love learning skills, and I love working with my hands. When music started slowing down in 2020, I started doing more leatherworking. Honing my skills with some small projects, and working on an absolutely unique instrument strap design. 
I wanted to make sure that they were comfortable, but strong. So I use soft leather, but use two contrasting colours, so that the shoulder is two-ply, and super strong. The front section of the strap has a leather lace pattern on it to really showcase the contrast. The back section is adjustable to make sure you can get a comfortable fit. The strap posted on the store is the shoulder piece which shows the two colour design. Then you can choose which instrument it's for, and can send measurements to make sure you get the correct size for you and your instrument.